Sports #152: World Cup 2018 #5 ... Moscow runs low on beer for thirsty World Cup fans, but our group drinks water/coffee/tea so we don't care!

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Sports #152: World Cup 2018 #5 ... Moscow runs low on beer for thirsty World Cup fans, but our group drinks water/coffee/tea so we don't care!


2015 Women's World Cup.....

Jordan Morris

Sokolov & Anderson

Christian Pulisic

Houston Astros - 2017 World Series Champions!



Roberts Smile #3: Love the dimples!

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001. sourburst
002. crazy_diamond
003. Seamstress90


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Movie Soundtracks #1 ~ "Music is essentially an emotional language." (Howard Shore)

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:dj: A place to discuss and post your favorite Film Scores and Soundtracks :dj:

Happiest Accident (Emily Bett Rickards) #14:

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Emily Bett Rickards
{ July 24, 1991 }
• • •

shining distraction
holding my heart
unbreakable clarity
dancing in the rain
fire for a heart
Clarissa Fray
green eyes sparkles
falling slowly

credit: jetgirl78

• • •

future titles;
"I'm kinda awkward, silly and dorky."
"I do need to know more about her backstory"
"Emily is one of the most exemplary humans I’ve ever met in my life. She’s just so awesome. There’s nothing not to love about her; she’s just a wonderful human being." - Echo Kellum
“My favorite scenes on Arrow were with Emily. I loved working with her. She’s just a sunshine of a person.“ - Summer Glau
"She is such a fun person to work with and she’s so down to earth and real and I will always love working with her" - Echo Kellum
"Emily [Bett Rickards] is the bomb. She brings such a great color to the show." Josh Segara
"She’s like a unicorn. She has all these amazing qualities that you would think could not exist in one person and she has them in spades. "
"She could handcuff me to a chair and leave there me and I probably would forgive her because she's the sweetest" Nolan Gerard Funk
She's an adorable, goofy unicorn
"Felicity proves you don’t need superpowers to save the world"
"She is the embodiment of an empowered woman"
"We just love all the little things Emily brings to one of our favorite female characters in the Arrowverse."


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Laura/Donna #20: Because She's a DJ and Does More than the Farm Report

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:wave: Welcome to the Laura Prepon/Donna Pinciotti Appreciation thread. :wave:

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Laura Mini Biography:

Known as Big Red due to her 5’10” frame and naturally red hair, Laura Prepon has been a staple on the young Hollywood scene since starring in That ‘70s Show (Fox, 1998-2006 ) as Donna Pinciotti, the quintessential girl-next-door.

Born March 7, 1980 in Watchung, NJ to father, Michael (an orthopedic surgeon), and her mother, Marjorie (a teacher), Prepon was fifth-born in a family that included a brother, Brad, and three sisters, Danielle, Jocelyn and Stephanie. Unfortunately for the tight-knit siblings, their father died in 1993 from complications during heart surgery.

Prepon attended Watchung Hills Regional High School until she caught the acting bug at age 15, deciding to quit regular school and transferring to Total Theatre Lab, a specialized theater college based in New York City. As she continued to hone her acting skills, Prepon appeared in such plays as “A Woman of Property” and "Ascension Day,” as well as began to study dance: ballet, jazz and modern.

Due to her striking, unique look, the aspiring actress soon began landing modeling jobs both stateside and abroad, jetting around the world to fabulous locations such as Paris and Milan. Despite the glamor of it all, Prepon grew disillusioned by the cutthroat nature of the modeling world. She felt that showbiz would be less competitive, so she changed careers midstream.

Prepon’s life changed forever when she sent an audition tape to the creators of That 70's Show, a show about teenage buddies growing up in Wisconsin during the carefree 1970s. The creators loved her, sending her a plane ticket to Los Angeles to audition one-on-one with the top contenders. Of course, Prepon won the role and was perfectly suited to playing Donna Pinciotti, the dry-humored girl-next-door of the group. The show was a hit from the start, lasting eight years.

With her profile raised by the show, Prepon became a vital part of the new millennium’s young Hollywood scene. The ravishing redhead was ranked #50 in Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement, as well as #84 in Stuff Magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World” that same year. She has been on two Maxim covers, once as a redhead and once as a blonde.

Knowing her days of wearing bell bottoms were limited, Prepon continued to hone her skills in films like Karla (2005). Despite the conclusion of her sitcom’s run, she had two movies slated for release in 2006: Come Early Morning, starring Ashley Judd, and the TV movie Romancing the Bride.

She currently stars as Alex Vause in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

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Laura/Donna Supporters List

1) John (cronball)
2) Ria (Pickle-weasel!)
3) Chris (jackiehydelover)
4) Jenna (simplybatty)
5) varjak-golightly
6) xpgm
7) Jessica (SpunkiiMonkii7078)
8) Marie (Groovy82)
10) Ash (xxcozmicstar)
11) Leneoth
12) Rachel2091
13) TaftCat
14) martha(brucas&jeyton)
15) loveslullaby
16) star-time
17) that70sFR34K
18) Creamsodaqueen
19) ღRose♦Nylundღ
20) Holland Fan Forever
21) Josie2288
22) DanceWithLife
23) AgentGrasshopper
24) MistyMountanHop

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Laura Quotations

"[Nobody knows I'm] modest. When they meet me, they think I'm going to be outgoing, but I like things lowkey. I don't like people to think I'm bragging."
"I'm a Jersey girl and proud of it."
"Free love sounds great."
"Even in real life, I'd rather hang out with guys."
"I'm the tomboy so I got to be a little butch"
"I never wear makeup. When I wear makeup on [That '70s Show] I take it off as soon as I can. I just like the au naturel thing."
"I love Donna. She's so much like me: trusting and honest."

all information provided by cronball

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Laura Prepon's Twitter account
Laura Prepon's IMDb pate -- Laura Prepon

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Emilia Fanart & Fanvideo #16: "When I started to earn money, I'd buy prints." - Emilia

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Welcome to the
Fanart Thread #16


by De Medici Queen

Solo: A Star Wars Story [Qi'Ra] #4: "Mysterious, survivor and a badass." Emilia about Qi'ra

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Because we want another sequel so badly!

Pack Leader | Luke Garroway #4 ~ "Those that care about you. They'll fight with you."

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Luke Garroway

the actors who portrayed him

Isaiah Mustafa and Aidan Turner

s u p p o r t e r s
1. fire for a heart
2. Shadowhunter
3. running wild
4. sourburst
5. keroppi
6. Walt Reynolds
7. KeepThisaSecret
8. *OldHollywoodStarlet*
9. Queen of Babble
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12. fly me to the moon
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14. Magnus Bane

Happy Birthday Peter Paige! ~ June 20th

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:birthday: :party: Wishing a very happy birthday to Peter Paige. :party: :birthday: