Critique and comment. I think I'm finished.

Hello. So I think I'm finish this painting. I posted a very rough version of this painting before, so I can get some help on the water.

Thanks to the comments I received, I think I figured it all out. So with that said, feel free to critique and comment this painting. Though if someone can spot something horribly wrong, I may fix it.

Even though the painting is a bit risqué, I think the overall idea is pretty cute. I did my best to vary the textures of each object, and I'm pretty impress with how I manage to paint the cookie, leaf, and sugar cubes. Can't help but feel that they might stand out a bit because they are pretty detailed. But, the color palette I used for the tea and cup, should hopefully keep the focus on the pixie girl.

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Critique and comment. I think I'm finished.
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